To Your Health Newsletter

July, 2019 (Vol. 13, Issue 14)
Medicating Your Empathy Away

Taking acetaminophen (common brand name: Tylenol, but also found in a variety of multi-ingredient medications including Excedrin) may make you feel less pain (although it won't address the cause of your pain), but it also may blunt your feelings in general, particularly empathy: the ability to feel or understand what another person is experiencing from their point of view, without the person having to tell you.

Headache Help

Time to Say No to Medication, Yes to Natural Care

The Keys to Healthy Aging

Secrets to Longevity From Our Oldest Old

Winning Without Weights

No-Nonsense Exercises to Tone Your Body

Weight Loss the Right Way

Healthy Snacking Helps Fight Weight Gain

Regular Chiropractic Visits Best for Back Pain

If you've been suffering from low back pain and your chiropractor suggests you come in periodically for treatment - even when you're not in pain - you may want to heed his/her advice. It's a research-supported suggestion that could dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend in pain.

Your Cellphone Is Draining Your Brain

It makes sense that your cell phone can occupy your brain when you're using it; but its mere presence can also take a mental toll. Even if you're strong enough to avoid the temptation to check your phone, just the fact that the phone is there reduces your available cognitive capacity, say researchers.

Weights Over Aerobics for a Healthy Heart?

Weight training and aerobic exercise are two key components of a well-rounded fitness plan. However, when it comes to heart health, while exercise in general reduces cardiovascular disease risk, weights appear to be superior at reducing a specific type of heart fat that can be dangerous.

More Meat = Higher Death Risk

Even small increases in red meat consumption appear to increase death risk, even if you're free of cardiovascular disease or cancer when you start eating more meat.

Another Reason to Lose Weight

Imagine dealing with not only psoriasis, but also arthritis; you'd do almost anything to reduce the severity of your symptoms. Start with managing your weight. Here's why.