To Your Health Newsletter

November, 2021 (Vol. 15, Issue 24)
Money, Manipulation, Opioids - and the Better Choice for Pain

Need another reason to avoid opioids and embrace chiropractic for pain relief and prevention? Try money and manipulation – used shamelessly by Big Pharma to fuel the opioid epidemic.

Time to Give Pain the Boot

A Great Exercise to Erase Low Back Pain

No Bones About It

Acid Suppressants Linked to Increased Fracture Risk

Graceful Aging

You Can Reduce Your Alzheimer's Risk With Melatonin

Weight-Loss 101

You Don't Have to "Dessert" Your Weight-Loss Goals

Here's What Just a Single Night of Missed Sleep Can Do to You

We're learning more about the myriad health consequences associated with poor or missed sleep. New research suggests trouble with your gait could even be related to poor sleep habits.

Are You Ready to Make Your Pre-New Year's Resolutions?

The best resolutions aren't made on the last day of the year after a month or so of breaking your rules; they're 365-day-a-year endeavors that require 365-day-a-year planning and dedication.

The Best Way to Increase Kids' Fruit and Veggie Consumption

How do I get my kids to eat more fruit and vegetables? Researchers may finally have given parents – and all of us – an answer, and it's much simpler than many of us may have thought.

Another Way to Lose Weight After Pregnancy: The 5:2 Diet

Here's a diet that can help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes advancing to diabetes by helping mothers lose weight after pregnancy.

Exercise Fights Prostate Cancer

New research suggests exercise can reduce prostate tumor growth, providing hope for recovery from this dreaded diagnosis.