About Our Chiropractic Services

On this page you'll find a description of the wide array of services our practice offers. But we know what's important isn't just what we offer, but how we offer it. You can count on our chiropractic professionals at Cesak Chiropractic Family Wellness Center to possess the knowledge, expertise and caring attitude, which will satisfy all your individual needs.

Facilities and Equipment

We are an overall family wellness center.  In addition to chiropractic adjustments, we offer the following services to help get you and your family back into top physical condition:  Non-surgical spinal decompression, massage therapy, physical therapy/rehabilitation and nutritional/supplements training.

Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy

Reversing the compressive forces that are constantly applied on the delicate discs in the neck and back can help those who are suffering from the effects of lower back and neck pain and those who have been diagnosed with a disc condition.

Massage therapy

Massage involves working the muscles and soft tissues of the body to optimize function. It helps ease the pain and discomfort of injuries, strains, and stress to allow the body’s natural healing process. Sessions will aid in reducing muscle spasms, tension, and stiffness.

Physical therapy/rehabilitation

Physical therapies and rehab help improve your mobility, range of motion, and strength.  The therapies and training we can provide you will help reduce the risk of injury/re-injury in addition to getting back doing the things you want to do.  We can create treatment plans designed your individual needs and goals.  We’ve helped lots of professional and amateur athletes improve their athletic prowess, office and factory workers get back on the job, as well as helping elderly couples enjoy their walk around their neighborhood w/o pain.


Ultrasound is a treatment modality to treat pain conditions and promote tissue healing. Ultrasonic sound waves deeply penetrate the tissue via round-headed probe, creating gentle heat.

Muscle stimulation

 A physiotherapy modality used to help decrease acute and chronic pain, inflammation, and swelling around a joint by interrupting the painful signals that travel from injured tissues to your brain.


Traction helps mobilize the spinal column and gently stretches ligaments and muscles.

Rock Tape

 Rock tape is a kinesiology tape and is fantastic for treating common sports injuries like shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and runner's knee. Rock tape also can increase endurance by promoting blood flow during an athletic event.

Gua Sha (“Graston”)

This technique utilizes an instrumented assisted in soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively address scar tissue and fascial restrictions through comprehensive training, resulting in improved patient outcomes.

Moist hot packs

Patients with muscle strains, spasms, or arthritis often benefit from treatment with moist hot packs.  It relaxes tight muscles causing tissues to relax. This decreases pain caused by muscle tension or spasms. Hot packs help open (vasodilate) the blood vessels which increases circulation and speeds healing to the affected area.

Cold Packs/Ice treatment

With any sprain, strain, or bruise there is some bleeding into the underlying tissues. This may cause swelling and pain and can delay healing. Cold packs/Ice treatment may be used in both the immediate treatment of soft tissue injuries and in later rehabilitation.

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